The Clothes Show

5th December, 2016.

I cannot believe the day I’ve had. I could not have dreamed of anything better. I went to the clothes show in Birmingham with my gorgeous sister Lizzy. Even though it was miles away from where I am from it was more than worth it. We arrived in Birmingham at 11am and made our way to the unbelievable stores they had on offer. I went to Charlotte Crosby’s range, In The Style, first as I am in love with her clothing. My sister and I had a wonder round until the main show started at half 12. The show was indescribable, so many gorgeous models and the designs were the most amazing ideas I have ever seen. I enjoyed every moment of the show and definitely got inspiration that I will work into my textiles project. We went back to the stores and spent a good hour waiting in line to meet the beautiful Charlotte Crosby herself, when the time finally came she was so so lovely she signed my card and took a picture with me, honestly it was a feeling too amazing to describe. Megan Mckenna was also doing a meet and greet which I couldn’t resist and I can honestly say I’ve never met someone so sweet to their fans, she was incredible. The rest of the day was spent mooching around and treating myself to some gorgeous clothing which I will show you very soon after Christmas!

Thanks for reading,



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