What’s in my makeup bag?

Makeup is such an obsession of mine, I spend the majority of my money on all the different brands. I thought today I would write a blog about what I have inside my makeup bag as I love reading these types of blogs and hope you do to.

img_0998Urban Decay Naked Palettes 2 (not photographed), 3, Smoky and Basics. My personal favourite is Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 3! The colours are pink based which is one of my favourite colours as I feel they go with a lot of my style of clothing.img_0986img_0989The Iconic London Contour Palette. I have tried so many contour palette over the past few years but this palette is my all time favourite. It is honestly so so so amazing, my sister purchased it a few months ago while I was using the Anastasia Palette but I would use her’s every now and again. It would always give such a natural finish but still showing off your bone structure, I became obsessed. I asked for it for Christmas and have used it everyday since. It is £24 and worth every penny.img_0997Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and Foundation. I really struggle with finding a foundation which will cover my flaws but also feel light on my skin and not too caked or heavy, the UD Naked foundation is perfect for this. It has all the correct features. The concealer cost £17 and the foundation cost £27.img_0993img_0994Mac Soft and Gentle Highlighter. The trend at the moment is always about highlighter and I have found the perfect one for me. I first purchased this highlighter in 2015 from New York. At that time I really didn’t know how to use it or what to do with it but I’d heard good things about so thought I’d give it a go. I never really used it properly until the beginning of 2016 but instantly loved it. It gives such an amazing structure to the face and highlights all the correct places, I tend to use it above my cheek bone, down the middle of my nose, my cupid’s bow and a little bit in my brow bone.img_0991img_0992Now when it comes to eyeshadow I really cannot get enough. I do love my Morphe Palettes, I have Palette 35P and Palette 35T. The pigments of these shades are just unbelievable, so gorgeous and a great outcome. I 100% recommend these palettes, I will be definitely be purchasing some more in the future.  img_0995I received this Nars press powder for Christmas and love the result. It is light but certainly enough to set your under layer of makeup. I got mine in the lightest shade as I have just pale skin and it still gives a good amount of shade to my face. img_1003Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde is what I use to shade my eyebrows. Now, eyebrows are such a personal thing and they can either be perfect or a mess, I cannot seem to find an in-between when I am shading them. I used to be brunette and had this dipbrow in the colour Chocolate which suited my eyebrows well but did not when I started to dye my hair lighter and lighter so after a good few weeks of tragic too dark eyebrows I realised it was time to get a different shade. I have had this for a couple of months now and it is still a bit darker than I would hope but I think it is going to be the best I will get. It perfectly shapes your eyebrows and makes them look as if they have been pulked to perfection. img_1083img_1082My first ever Kylie Jenner Lipkit, shade Moon. Now let me tell you, this lipkit is the definition of perfect. It stays on throughout the day, even with eating several times. The pigment of the colour is gorgeous! I will never find any lipstick so amazing as this brand, they are quite expensive kits but my god, worth every penny. If you don’t already have your own I highly recommend purchasing one or two, as many as you want! img_1066img_1064My collection of Mac Lipsticks continue to grow throughout the years, my first purchase was ‘Honey Love’ which lasted me an entire year! Since then I have continued to buy many, many more including Dare you, Diva, Whirl, Media, Velvet Teddy and Verve. They are all such high quality and reasonably priced that I just cannot keep buying more!

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