Home Sweet Home!


Saturday 22nd April,

Hey guys and gals!

Today I visited the most amazing restaurant/café that I have everrrrr seen. It is called ‘Home Sweet Home’. It is placed in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, aka the best place in Manchester/anywhere. I went with my older sister Lizzy, we ordered chocolate milkshakes to start which were gorgeous and the presentation was so amazing as you will be able to see in the photos below. We then decided we only wanted a little snack instead of a meal, or so we thought. I ordered a cake called ‘Cookies and Milk’ which was divine whereas my sister ordered Oreo pancakes, if you have a look at the photographs below you will see this wasn’t just a normal pancake, it was humongous!! I was so shocked to see such a massive pancake and it looked delicious, with oreos inside and icing on the top! Unfortunately, but realistically my sister couldn’t finish it all but they were kind enough to offer us a takeaway option which we couldn’t resist an ended up eating it all the way home. Honestly this café was   a m a z i n g  and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone you have to check it out! There website will be linked here !


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