Day 3 – Zakynthos, Zante

Day 3 of Zante, welcome back!

We started the day off at a café called Blue Waves, I got the most amazing crêpes I have ever tasted, they were filled with chocolate sauce and bananas, truly delicious.

After breakfast we found a pool along side the beach that was the perfect size for Bails and I to have a swim in. The pool was quiet which was perfect for me, as I prefer it not to be crowded. We stayed there for a couple hours and then had a walk along the beach and decided to go on a paddleboat because Bailey wanted to try it!

Story time! When we were out on the paddleboat we drove over a buoy in the sea and the rope got wrapped around the fan of the boat, we were stuck for around half an hour with no one driving past to help. Eventually a group of teenagers drove past and we had to call them over. One of them jumped into the water and untangled it for us and finally we were free!!

After that eventful trip we went back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. We got a taxi to Zante town and tried a restaurant called Spartakos which had a lovely outside restaurant with a gorgeous view. I had a chicken and mushroom risotto and it was a m a z i n g it was just the perfect texture and the flavor was impeccable.

We tried a few more bars in Zante town including a roof top garden where we had cocktails and icecream! We headed back to Zakynthos and had a few more drinks along the strip.

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One thought on “Day 3 – Zakynthos, Zante

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