Day 4 – Zakynthos, Zante

Day 4 of Zante, welcome back!

Today is our last full day in Zante, I am so sad to be leaving such a beautiful place 😦

We started breakfast at our favourite restaurant, Avanti. I got a full english again and it was delicious as usual. We decided to get a taxi down to a little island in Laganas, we had to cross a wooden bridge to get onto the island and that scared me a little as it was creaky but it was safe and all okay. Once we made it onto the island we laid our towels down and watched the beautiful waves go by for a while.

Bailey and I decided we wanted to go for a little adventure on the rocks but I fell over within 5 seconds of being in the sea, can you believe it. Anyway, I got back up and carried on exploring. I made it on to a big rock round the corner of the island whereas Bailey couldn’t seem to find enough grip on the rocks to move and stayed where he was.

When we were walking back along the bridge we figured out that we could walk along the beach back to our main beach where we were staying so that is what we did! On our way along the beach we saw a McDonalds and we just had to stop because who can resist a McDonalds. I got my standard double cheeseburger whereas Bailey got something very different to what we have in the UK and he will be telling you very soon what he had so keep an eye on his youtube!

We ate dinner at Cool Peppers along the beach had a perfect evening for our last night. The food was impeccable as it always is and I will be sad to not be eating there every night!

I have had the most wonderful experience being out here and exploring. I absolutely adore travelling and hopefully this is just the beginning.

Thank you for reading, if you’ve been here from the start or you’re just arriving, I appreciate you.



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