24th August 2017
The day has finally come, LONDON BABY.
My boyfriend, Bailey, and I have had this booked for over 7 months but it is finally here!!! We got the train at 10am from our hometown to Crewe and had then straight to London Euston! I get very travel sick so the journey there felt like forever while Bailey slept the entire time, typical.
Once arriving in London we got an Uber to our hotel in Kensington which took around 40 minutes. Our hotel lobby was just beautiful, a rose a every table. After settling into our room we decided we would explore what is around us and stumbled across a lovely park called Kensington Gardens; inside was Princess Diana’s Memorial, statues, a flower garden, a restaurant called The Orangery. Bailey and I were so surprised at how big the park was and how much could be explored. We wandered out of the park and I saw Urban Outfitters and couldn’t resist. As soon as I walked in there wasn’t anything I didn’t adore, as it was only our first day I didn’t want to go crazy and spend all my money so I bought two items, I will do a London haul when I am home so you can have a look what I got!!
For dinner we walked up to Wagamama, I had never been here before so I was very excited as a lot of people have a high recommendation for it. Bailey and I both got chicken ramen, it was very nice and the portions were massive, I loved how we had to attempt to use chopsticks, I failed .. miserably.
By this time it was time for bed as travelling always knackers me out so we headed back to the hotel and fell straight asleep. See you tomorrow!
Thank you for reading,

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